Grocery Shopping Turn Up: A Trip Through The New Leever’s Locavore

Last Saturday afternoon I decided to switch up my grocery run to shop local and see what the new Leever’s Locavore had to offer.

Upon entering the store I saw the bar and remembered you’re allowed to sip n’ shop and figured I’m here, let’s do it. I’ve never done a grocery run with a beer in hand. 

I saw they had a blonde ale and I got really excited. After I realized it was gluten-free, I went with a Prost Pilsner which is brewed about a mile and a half away in LoHi. 

After chatting with the bartender/barista about the variety of beverages offered I walk further into the store to and smelled pizza from the Basic Doc’s Pizzeria. In under 5 minutes, I was 11 bucks in with a slice of pizza and a beer in hand. 

Realizing I wasn’t really sure how I was going to be able to push a shopping cart, shop for groceries, drink a beer, and eat a pizza all at the same time. Luckily the shopping carts had a drink holder. 

After getting distracted with pizza and beer, I finally started actually grocery shopping. I made my way to the produce section which was limited, but unique and all great quality. 

I grabbed a couple of Jazz and Pinova apples because they looked fresh and were apples I had never heard of. The organic kiwis I picked up were priced lower than expected at only .49 each. 

As I made my way through the aisles, the first thing that caught my attention was the variety of hot sauces. They carried a large selection but what caught my eye was a local hot sauce that you’ll find on the table of many restaurants throughout Denver called Merf’s Hot Sauce. I’ve never seen it in a store so I bought some of a flavor called ‘Dancing Queen’ which has guajillo and chipotle peppers. I also got a re-up of classic sriracha.  

Next I stumbled into the drink section which was stocked with local and unique options. I was excited to see was another favorite local brand – Basis electrolyte drinks. I’ll be making stops in here regularly to pick those up. It wouldn’t be a grocery store in Denver without CBD drinks. I also bought a few Weller CBD seltzers. 

I had to hit up the deli counter since it’s run by Denver legend Justin Brunson and was greeted by a large cardboard cutout of the man himself. Justin’s new meat company River Bear Meats is well-stocked in the store. I bought a pack of River Bear hot dogs. I’ve had them at his restaurant, Old Major, when the company first launched. They are really good, which says a lot coming from a Chicago transplant. 

I asked the guy at the counter for salami recommendations and he threw me a few samples. I ended up getting an amazing mustard seed salami by Black Kassel. It went well with the pilsner beer I was still working on. It’s local which was surprising, but once I tried it, all thoughts of it being local or not went out the window. 

I bought some cheeses to go with it for snacking and found an everything-flavored goat cheese and it’s amazing.

Leever’s Locovore also features a sushi counter ran by One Two Three Sushi. The sushi counter was full when I was there, and I overheard people talking about how good it is. I decided to grab some for a quick lunch tomorrow. I opted for the spicy tuna roll which had Sriracha rice on the outside and avocado, tuna and cucumber on the inside. It ended up being the best store-bought sushi I’ve ever had even eating it the next day. 

The store has a beer section and walk-in fridge near the check out counter. Beer in hand, I made my way to grab some White Claws and was stopped by the clerk for not seeing the sign that you can’t have alcohol in that section of the store due to Colorado liquor laws. Oops. I finished up my beer and went to check out. 

Any trip to the grocery store, you are always faced with temptation at the check-out counter. There was a good variety of slightly healthier snacks than a typical grocery store. Which was great to see. I saw some peanut butter and chocolate-filled pretzels that was yet another impulse buy on this food journey. 

During check-out the service was great the cashier was super friendly and we ended chatting a good few mins. I paid, spent more than expected, but came out with a smile on my face from all the food I had yet to try. 

Overall, Leever’s Locavore is an amazing store that offers a wide variety of local quality products as well as other name brands. 

Shopping with a beer was a fun experience, I will definitely do it again. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 5 years and this addition was much needed. Many of the people I know in the neighborhood have been wanting a new grocery store for a long time. I’m happy to see a store with a local focus make the Highlands home. 

The service is top-notch every person I encountered was nice personable and helpful. I couldn’t ask for better service. 


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