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While the COVID-19 curve is (somewhat) flattening in Denver, and everyone is venturing out again, Colorado is still under a “Safer at Home” model, meaning we can’t quite get back into the bar for the cutthroat trivia nights our fine city is known for. While some are choosing to host small get-togethers, and others are still staying at home, we have the low down on how to host trivia night with your friends – without the overpriced beer and screaming patrons. So buckle up, pour up a cocktail, come up with your best trivia team name, and get ready to get competitive.

Download Zoom, or your favorite video chat service (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t done so already). I’m personally impartial to Zoom because you can see everyone in the call at one time (better to call out potential cheaters!) Zoom is free to sign up, but has a forty minute limit on group meetings for the basic plan. At the beginning of quarantine, my friends and I all chipped in a few bucks for the $15/month pro membership. A pro membership allows you to have meetings for up to 24 hours. You can also assign nine people to have host capabilities, so anyone in the group can use the application. The ability to host longer meetings has come in handy for watching long festival live streams, long trivia nights, or when you need a long gab sesh with your friends to complain about Trump’s troubling tweets.

Or, if you have been hanging out with small groups of friends, that’s fine too – go ahead and download the slides below and stream them onto your TV with an HDMI cable for a more traditional Trivia Night.

Next, find a time that will work for your group and schedule it! Depending on how many people RSVP, you will determine how many teams you’ll have. From there, have people break out into groups, or assign them yourself. It’s easiest for people who live together to be on a team. If you are all in different locations, you can easily get on a phone call to brainstorm answers and mute yourself in the Zoom chat. Shame anyone who doesn’t follow the rudimentary quarantine etiquette of utilizing the Mute button.

Have each team create a team name! Get as creative and inappropriate as you want – you’re in the privacy of your own home and away from the judgmental public eyes. We are the Tiger Kings – always.

The host will need first to set a few things up. This is where it gets a little tricky, but it will be worth it, I assure you.

First, create a blank Google form for each round on forms.google.com.

The first question of the form will need to prompt each team to put in their name. Be sure to make this required, or else you won’t know whose answers are whose, and a score sheet will pop up for that team. 

Next, input the question number prompts using the “Add question button”. Click the “short answer” option for people to put in their questions.

Once you’ve put in the question prompts, your form should look like this!

Once you’ve created the form, click over to “Responses” and “create a new spreadsheet.”

Google Forms will then auto-populate the scorecard for you, and it will look like this. You’re now ready to begin trivia!

A few minutes before trivia is set to start, download one of the three trivia slides below and present your screen. Send out the links to each of the score sheets, and have everyone go to the link and set up their score sheets.

Go through each round and give people some time to answer each question. After each round, go through the questions again to let everyone check their answers. Once you’ve seen everyone has submitted their answers, go through the slides, and answer the questions. Laugh at everyone’s frustrations and weird answers. We put in some tough and fun questions for you.

Your scoring spreadsheet will create a table with everyone’s answers in real-time.

Grade them all in the spreadsheet; green for correct, red for incorrect.

Repeat this process and create a new form for each round, but then you choose the “add to the current spreadsheet”, so all answers are in the same place. By doing this, participants aren’t grading their own, and no one will be able to cheat. Shame upon you and your house if you cheat.

Create a final tab to grab the final points for each round to copy into a scoreboard. 

You can also build a formula in excel that will calculate the total score for you once you put in the team’s scores for each round.

After each round, show everyone the leader board to get the competitiveness going, and blood boiling. To make it interesting, take a shot after each round! The answers will get funnier, I assure you.

Below, we have a set of trivia slides and answers for you to use on your next trivia night, or make your own. Theme your nights, WHATEVER. You are the keeper of trivia now – which also means you can mute people on your own accord (which you can’t do in the bar, so that’s tight). Follow this link to download them! You can view download the answers here.

My group of friends has been hosting these weekly since the early days of quarantine, and they have given us a chance to laugh, connect, and consume a ridiculous amount of wine without paying bar prices. We also suggest taking it up to another level and ordering from a local restaurant to really simulate the bar trivia vibe – God, Stoney’s. I miss your wings and your game nights.

Let us know what you think and how you hosted your next trivia night!

Audrey Vertovec

Audrey is a third-generation Denver native with a love of house music, Denver history, books, and pho. Her first concert was Hanson at Red Rocks and has had MMMBop stuck in her head ever since. She believes everyone should go to a music festival at least once. She has broken all of her fingers and loves pizza so much, she has a pizza tattoo. On the weekends, you can find her shuffling (poorly) on the dance floor, consuming all the wine and cheese she can find, exploring a museum, tearing it up in the kitchen, or in the park with a book.

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